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Pre-Construction Termite Management
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Pre-Construction Termite Management

Are you building or renovating?

Architects, builders, designers and owner builders are required to submit a termite management plan with their building application. Know your options…

There are a number of options for how to manage termites at the pre-construction stage, however it is important to consider them early so you can work with your designer on the safest least toxic options. We support designers with management plans that use physical components of a termite management system rather than chemical options for management in your new building or renovation.

Renovations often require a very carefully considered termite management plan. When new slabs adjoin existing buildings it is important to design in a way that minimises termite risk because slab joins are one of the most common ways for termites to find their way into buildings. We custom design solutions by problem solving options with your designer.

The Australian Standard (AS 3630.1-2014 ) as quoted in the National Construction Code became mandatory on 1st May 2017. This means that non chemical treatments are now more competitive option in the market. Contact us now for more information.

Your Questions Answered

What pre-construcion termite management options are available?

We will always preference non-chemical or a lowest toxicity managed approach for termite protection. The pre-construction termite management plan we create for you is based on a consultation to determine your needs in relation to the building being designed.

For information on the range of options available the Timber Advisory Centre publishes We’re About to Build

Our builder says we have to use chemicals, is this true?

Depending on your construction type there may be a number of options other than residual chemical soil treatment sprays and ongoing residual chemical reticulation systems. Your builder may have a preferred provider or a preferred management system. We can offer advice based on viewing construction plans. Better still, consultation prior to construction may assist you to know what options are available.

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