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Ethical Practice Standards
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Ethical Practice Standards


All Holistic Pest Solutions technicians are selected, trained and evaluated based on their alignment with our vision and mission, and their capacity to work to a high ethical standard.

These standards are:



Holistic Pest Solutions technicians understand IPM principles and practices. They can identify important pests and describe life cycles, habits and conditions that affect pest populations.


Communication, Education & Support

Holistic Pest Solutions (HPS) technicians explain their inspection results and the recommended management strategies to property occupants, owners and/or managers. The client is given the opportunity to manage ongoing monitoring and if the client chooses this option, HPS supply support documentation for the ongoing monitoring process. All treatment requiring pesticides is undertaken by Holistic Pest Solutions using minimal applications and abiding by the chemical selection decision making criteria.


Monitoring & Inspection

Holistic Pest Solutions technicians stay fully informed about pest populations and conditions that can lead to pest problems by including monitoring, inspecting and reporting in their pest management strategies. Pest management tasks and actions are based on monitoring and inspections results. There is never a routine application of pesticides.


Least-toxic Options

Holistic Pest Solutions technicians use non-chemical approaches as the first line of defense against pests.Holistic Pest Solutions technicians evaluate all pest management options for hazards to health, the environment and beneficial organisms.Holistic Pest Solutions technicians use the chemical selection decision making criteria if a chemical solution is necessary. Reduction in health and environmental hazard is the bottom line.


Documented Performance

Holistic Pest Solutions technicians record monitoring and inspection results. They document their observations and the necessity for any pesticide applications.


Effective Pest Management

Holistic Pest Solutions technicians solve pest problems with effective, long term strategies. Recommendations for structural design and maintenance issues (eg proofing) that contribute to pest problems are clearly communicated to clients so they are aware of strategies that will support the long term management of pests.


Continuous Improvement

Holistic Pest Solutions technicians prepare for changes in pests and IPM techniques, recognising that improvement involves staying abreast of new technologies and concepts. These Guiding Principles have been developed with reference to the best practice IPM principles of US Green Shield and Ecowise certification bodies.

Safer options for termites and other pests