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Who We Are

We get a buzz out of helping people like you find safer options when it comes to pest management.

Why? Because like you, we believe that our health is never worth compromising and termites and other pest management requires a careful and considered approach. So we’re making it our mission to get the word out… there are safer options for managing termites and other pests in places where people (grown ups and and little ones) live, learn, work and play. Let us show you how.

Rob Street & Liz Dare co-founded Holistic Pest Solutions with the mentorship from IPM specialist David Piggott. Check out our video where we tell you a bit more about what inspired us to become Holistic Pest Solutions.

Our Vision & Mission

We aspire to enable a cleaner healthier world.

To make this happen it’s our mission to offer safer ethical pest management options by being leaders in the field of urban integrated pest management (IPM). We call our approach Holistic because it takes into account the ecological principle that everything is connected. With this perspective, we know we can only understand a problem when we look at the parts in relation to the whole.

We aim to bring IPM best practice to the places Australians live learn work and play in a way that opens the door for a consumer educated change in pest control delivery. We hope you’ll be part of the change by making pest management decisions that enable a cleaner healthier world for our present and future generations.

Our Ethics

Our integrity is grounded in our Ethical Practice Standards & Chemical Selection Decision Making Criteria. These guide our recommendations for pest management plans and treatment options.

We use the Exterra Tertmite Interception and Baiting System for Termite Protection. Exterra partner with Australian Wildlife Conservancy to assist AWC’s work establishing wildlife sanctuaries. We are proud to endorse this partnership through our use of Exterra products and licensing.


Our Team

We’re a family run small business servicing Perth metro area.
Meet the Holistic Pest Solutions team.

Rob Street

Technical Operations

Liz Dare

Business Manager

David Piggot

IPM Specialist Mentor

Live, learn, work and play in


Our Values


A Holistic Approach

Health & Wellbeing

Genuine Customer Service



Our Values

Safer options for termites and other pests