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We get it! You have a healthy home and avoid chemicals.

So when pests become a problem, chemical usage concerns leave you unsure about who to call on. Yep… we get it! That’s why we built Holistic Pest Solutions – to offer safer options for termite treatment, termite protection, and general pest problems in the homes, work and play spaces of health aware people like you.

We are a Perth pest management business specialising in pest prevention and effective lowest toxicity treatment options in the places that health aware people like you live, learn, work and play.

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Why We Are Different? Our Qualities!



We know pests. Knowledge of the pests life cycle, habits, habitat requirements and natural predators is foundational to our approach. And we share our knowledge so you can avoid ongoing pest problems.


A Holistic Approach

We use integrated pest management (IPM) best practise. Our holistic approach to pest control uses common sense and low risk, low toxicity treatment strategies to manage pest problems. We ask questions and do detailed inspections before recommending treatment.


Health & Wellbeing

You invest in protecting the health of your family and home environment. We do that too, so we know how important health and well being is to you. This is why we don’t use residual sprays and our treatment decision making criteria is uniquely Holistic.


Genuine Customer Service

We’re here to help. When pests become a concern, we listen and work with you to find holistic solutions. Our technicians are never too rushed to share their knowledge, and they always follow up with an easy to read report supported with photos.



We walk our talk. We are not lured into the quick fix of generic chemical products. Our Ethics and Code of Conduct are the clearest examples of how our integrity looks at work.



We live in wonder. We’re shamelessly fascinated by nature, health and how to reduce chemical usage to enable a cleaner healthier world. This means we’re always learning and keen to share the latest research with our community of health aware and environmentally conscious people like you.


Don’t just take our word for it.

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